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SMX Convention Center introduces SMX Academix for professional growth


L-R: Cesar Dumlao, Head of Leader Impact; Michael Albaña, VP-General Manager of SMX Convention Center; Raymund Sanchez, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Scholar; Francis Kong, Keynote Speaker, Jeff Manhilot, President of Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Shaina Moraga, Director of Business Development Group at SMX Convention Center; Rachel Kong, CEO of Success Options, Inc

By Carlo Suerte Felipe

SMX Convention Center has recently partnered with the Practical Leadership Institute to introduce SMX Academix, an event series curated to provide informative seminars, talks, and training sessions aimed at empowering individuals, particularly business professionals, to thrive in today’s ever-changing business environment.

The inaugural session under this partnership was held on April 25 at SMX Aura, featuring the topic “WHY BUILD SOMETHING THAT WILL NOT LAST? The Role of Your Company In The Great Commission,” with speakers Francis Kong and Raymund Sanchez. This session, the first part of the Christian Family Business Series, addressed challenges faced by Christian business owners in passing their businesses to their children.

Michael Albana, Vice President and General Manager of SMX Convention Center said having Francis Kong among the speakers for the Christian Family Business Series help in transforming their venues into “active platforms that foster growth, inspire, and drive personal and professional development” as well as a place to “facilitate in the exchange of actionable insights and strategies for success and innovation.”

Keynote speaker Francis Kong addresses an audience of Christian business owners at SMX Aura. The insightful discussion centered around the theme ‘Why Build Something That Will Not Last?'”

During the seminar, Francis Kong focused on family business management, particularly on ensuring the stability of businesses for succession. He challenged the audience with the question “why not build something that will last?” emphasizing the importance of creating a legacy.

In addition, Raymund Sanchez said several businesses fail to continue on to the next generation of owners because of lack of proper succession planning. In his 15 years of handling family businesses and several successions, he highlighted the foresight and capabilities of future successors, rather than following traditional norms.

Raymund Sanchez  engages Christian business owners in a thought-provoking discussion on ‘The Role of Company in the Great Commission.’

“A succession plan has to be done very well,” he explained. “There’s got to be enough foresight. There’s got to have enough honest conversations about what the offspring can and cannot do. Not just because he or she is the eldest and therefore becomes the CEO. That doesn’t hold true anymore.”

SMX Academix is set to reveal its roster of esteemed speakers and planned workshops, which will explore different subjects including essential leadership skills and current trends in various industries. Attendees can look forward to a comprehensive learning opportunity that is sure to help them unleash their full potential.

For more information and upcoming events, visit the official website of SMX at www.smxconventioncenter.com


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