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Okada Manila’s Thrillscape elevates playground for adventure seekers


Manila’s grand icon, Okada Manila, continues to diversify its offerings with the introduction of its latest attraction, Thrillscape. Crafted as the ultimate destination for adventure seekers, Thrillscape presents an experience with its 32 high-energy obstacles, ensuring a mix of excitement, skill challenges, and enjoyment.

With the tagline, “Masters of Skill, Experts of Fun,” Thrillscape redefines the concept of leisure and fitness through this obstacle sports, a dynamic tag arena where individuals, at least 4 feet in height, can test their agility, push their limits, and embark on a new adventure.

Photo shows (from left) Spas, Recreation and Kids Club Director Vikki Aquino, Vice-President for Operations Robert Scott, Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation President Alberto Agra, and Corporate Branding, Property Marketing and Communications Director Victor Galzote during the grand opening of Thrillscape last February 15.

“This is something different that everybody could enjoy. I think what everybody liked about this showescape was that everybody of any age, any level can enjoy it. It’s a challenge against yourself and against the course, so you don’t have to be the fittest person in the world to be able to get in there and enjoy it. It is also for the athletes and for the fitness fanatics amongst us, it is also a really good opportunity to get in there,” said Robert Scott, Okada Manila Vice-President for Operations.

A haven for obstacle courses and parkour enthusiasts

The obstacle course is set at 1,200 square meters. It is extensive and diverse, accommodating up to 120 guests simultaneously. With over 30 engaging obstacles, participants can navigate for 20 minutes running through different challenges, accumulate points, and enjoy an exhilarating activity. Anyone who might find themselves to engage in the challenge, can run in and wing it, have a game plan and conjure how to attack each course.

“Thrillscape bridges the gap in entertainment offerings for young teens and adults, providing a lively, engaging space that encourages physical activity, teamwork, and sheer enjoyment,” stated Vikki Aquino, Director of Spas, Recreation & Kids Club at Okada Manila.

Designed to be an inclusive space, the course welcomes individuals of various fitness levels, including aspiring athletes, adventure enthusiasts, those fostering bonds, and individuals seeking a fun way to stay active. “Our athletic coaches are here to guide participants through each challenge, ensuring an exciting, safe, and rewarding adventure. This is not just for individuals but would also be a wonderful group activity among friends and colleagues, and even families,” added Aquino.

Obstacle course, a growing sports in the Philippines

Obstacle sports are experiencing significant growth and getting mature in the Philippines.The country proudly hosts a national sports association, the Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation (POSF), recognized by the Philippine Sports Commission and a member of the Philippine Olympic Committee.

With eight national teams specializing in disciplines such as ninja obstacle course racing and parkour, POSF President Alberto Agra proudly mentioned, “In our ranks, we boast world champions, Southeast Asian game champions, and Guinness World Record holders. Our certified coaches and technical officials contribute to our robust community, organizing more than 30 international and local events annually. We engage in collaborative arrangements and have observed facilities, commending Okada for hosting the largest obstacle sports facility in Asia.”

Incidentally, the Philippines also features the world’s largest permanent obstacle park, situated in Pasig City.

“The partnership between Thrillscape and POSF stands as a testament to this development. We, at POSF, are thrilled to be part of these initiatives. This establishment serves as another home for our athletes—an exciting playground, a fresh training ground, and a cutting-edge competition facility,” Agra added.

Thrillscape is situated at the ground floor of Okada Manila’s Coral Wing, Crystal Corridor. The course operates on Mondays to Thursdays from 12 nn to 8 pm and Friday through Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. Packages start at PhP 499, inclusive of a band tracker, 2 games, and locker use.

The Thrillscape experience extends beyond the obstacles. After completing the challenging course, participants have various options to explore Okada Manila’s range of offerings, including extensive dining and entertainment choices.


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