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Citadines pays homage to coffee cultures on International Coffee Day


The Ascott Limited (Ascott), a subsidiary of CapitaLand Investment, commemorates International Coffee Day this October by unveiling a series of coffee-themed activations at its Citadines aparthotels worldwide. This campaign aims to welcome everyone to the vibrant world of Citadines, where urban living meets a deep love for coffee.

“For The Love of Coffee” is at the core of the Citadines brand, with year-round collaborations designed to provide flavorful experiences for guests, regardless of their location. With over 120 activations across Citadines properties in more than 100 cities spanning 31 countries, this marks the brand’s most extensive and widespread participation since launching this annual event in 2021.

In a captivating exploration of coffee culture, Citadines invites travelers and coffee enthusiasts to embark on a journey that delves into each city’s pulse through the lens of coffee. With a range of unique coffee experiences, Citadines aims to take its guests on a sensory adventure through its properties worldwide, allowing them to immerse themselves in the vibrant urban culture of each city, one cup at a time.

Ms. Tan Bee Leng, Ascott’s Managing Director for Brand & Marketing, stated, “Citadines is our fastest-growing brand, with nearly 200 properties to date, making it a cornerstone of Ascott’s portfolio. Leveraging its design flexibility, favorable guest demographics, and resilient market fundamentals, we are confident in the continued growth of Citadines. We have adapted our offerings to a hybrid model that not only provides both hotel rooms and serviced residences but also offers a robust program catering to our guests’ lifestyle needs.”

At Citadines, coffee is not merely a beverage; it symbolizes the spirit of each city. This International Coffee Day, whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply seeking a unique way to experience city life, Citadines invites you to embark on a journey of taste, culture, and discovery.  Every cup tells a story, and every city has its own tale to share.

Citadines invites guests to “Come, sip, and savor the flavors of the city with us. We can’t wait to brew unforgettable memories with you.”

Falling in Love with “The Flavourful Fusion” of Vietnam

Located in Binh Duong, often referred to as the “Gateway to Vietnam’s South.” Upon arrival, guests are treated to complimentary “Salt Cream Coffee” and Coffee Cookies, exclusive to Citadines Central Binh Duong, offering the perfect introduction to Vietnam’s coffee culture. Guests can then explore Vietnam’s charming cafes and extend their coffee adventure with the iconic Cà Phê Sữa Đá, a delightful concoction of strong Vietnamese coffee, sweet condensed milk, and ice—an essential treat for coffee lovers and travelers looking to indulge in Vietnam’s rich caffeine heritage.

Experiencing Singapore’s “Coffee and Community”

Singapore’s coffee culture resonates deeply with Citadines’ ‘For the Love of Coffee’ program. Collaborating with local communities, Citadines properties in Singapore will feature immersive coffee-inspired art paintings by local coffee artist Vivian Lee under the theme ‘For the Love of Singapore.’ These artworks encourage guests to engage in a sensory experience while enjoying coffee treats both visually and aromatically.

Situated amidst the iconic skyscrapers and vibrant streets of Singapore’s Central Business District, Citadines Raffles Place Singapore is an ideal location for travelers to energize with their daily coffee fix. To celebrate International Coffee Day, guests can enjoy Latte Art Workshops and Coffee Scent Mixology Workshops throughout October to appreciate Singapore’s unique coffee culture. After a morning of coffee workshops, guests can conveniently explore the traditional “kopi tiam” or coffee shops, where Singapore’s coffee traditions come alive.

Diving into “The Romantic Aromas of Cafés” in Europe

Europe boasts a tapestry of coffee cultures, from the passionate espresso aficionados of France to the timeless coffee houses in Austria and the Spanish tradition of “sobremesa,” where coffee extends shared moments after meals. The European coffee scene blends tradition and innovation, with each cup telling a story of craftsmanship. From October 2-6, guests at selected Citadines properties in Europe can enjoy on-site barista sessions to learn about the local coffee stories and origins.

Overlooking the Seine, just minutes from the famed Trocadéro, Citadines Trocadéro Paris offers guests the quintessential Parisian experience. In the second week of October, coffee services will transform into artistic expressions with the introduction of a coffee art printer. Guests can also begin their day like true Parisians with a leisurely breakfast at a nearby café, savoring a café crème or café au lait alongside a freshly baked croissant. The aroma of freshly roasted beans, the warmth of the coffee cup, and the enchanting atmosphere of Paris create a symphony of sensations.

Presenting “The Archipelago of Coffee Diversity” in Indonesia

Citadines Sudirman Jakarta is situated in a city that never sleeps, where modern skyscrapers coexist with traditional markets and historic landmarks. Jakarta boasts a plethora of specialty coffee shops and cafes that take pride in serving locally grown beans, each with its distinct aesthetic. Throughout October, guests at Citadines Sudirman Jakarta can savor the art of coffee with Latte Art Workshops, embark on a TikTok-fueled coffee adventure to explore coffee spots around the property, and enjoy complimentary brews from passionate local artisans stationed in the lobby.

Exploring “The Café Culture Down Under” in Australia

Sydney, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, is renowned for its stunning landmarks, beautiful beaches, and a coffee culture that is second to none. Specialty coffee shops abound in Sydney, emphasizing the finest beans, perfect roasting, and unique coffee experiences. Guests staying at Citadines Walker North Sydney can kickstart their coffee journey in Sydney with the quintessential Australian creation—the Flat White. The property features a café check-in counter, where guests are welcomed with a fresh cup of coffee. Ascott Star Rewards (ASR) members can also enjoy daily complimentary coffee at the reception, allowing them to relish Australia’s quality coffee every morning.

“The Coffee Revival” of the Philippines

Located in the heart of the Philippines, Citadines Bay City Manila is strategically positioned at the bustling Entertainment City. Surrounded by office buildings and retail shops, the modern property invites guests to immerse themselves in the rich coffee culture of the city. Guests can experience the warm embrace of Filipino hospitality while savoring the rich flavors of locally sourced coffee, choosing from a wide range of specialty coffee shops and cafes in Manila that proudly serve locally sourced beans.

Upon arrival at Citadines Bay City Manila, guests can enjoy a flavorful café check-in experience at an integrated reception that celebrates the rich coffee heritage of the Philippines. Here, guests can indulge in the delightful flavors of the Philippines over a cup of coffee served by Citadines associates, Citazens. From October 1-14, guests can immerse themselves in the world of coffee art at the Coffee Art Exhibition held in the lobby. A Coffee Art Painting Workshop is also available for those who want to get hands-on and creative with their coffee-inspired artwork.

China’s Blossoming Coffee Culture

The story of coffee in China reflects a nation’s journey of discovery, where coffee dreams awaken amidst centuries-old tea traditions. Today, China’s coffee culture harmoniously blends tradition and modernity, with coffee shops lining the streets and alleys of Chinese cities. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee symbolizes the country’s embrace of new tastes and cultures.

At Citadines South Chengdu, every bag tells a unique story of passion, inspiration, and a shared love for coffee. In the second week of October, guests can enjoy a DIY coffee-inspired canvas bag stamping activity, allowing guests and associates to express themselves and share in the joy of creation. At selected properties including Citadines Gaoxin Chengdu and Citadines Xingsha Changsha, guests can enjoy freshly brewed coffee during their stay, providing them with the perfect morning fuel before embarking on their city exploration.

“The Coffee of Hospitality” in the Middle East

At Citadines Culture Village Dubai, a luxurious oasis amidst the city’s bustling energy, the rich tradition of Middle Eastern coffee culture takes on a unique and modern expression. In the heart of this vibrant property, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a sensory journey of flavors and colors through activities such as Blind Coffee Tasting and Coffee Cup Artwork Competition, available until October 7, 2023.

Coffee ceremonies in the Middle East symbolize hospitality and respect. When invited to someone’s home, it is customary to be served coffee as a gesture of welcome. These events at Citadines Culture Village Dubai go beyond the ordinary coffee experience, allowing guests to explore Arabian coffee traditions and fostering a sense of community, creativity, and connection. Coffee, in this context, becomes a medium for conversation, artistic expression, and the celebration of Middle Eastern hospitality—a tradition that welcomes guests from around the world to share in the joy of coffee.

Every city is unique, and Citadines, which means ‘city dwellers’ in French, resonates with travelers seeking quality city living. With the tagline ‘For the Love of Cities,’ Citadines offers the comfort of a serviced residence and the flexibility of a hotel. The brand is committed to providing guests with the best of city living while inspiring them to live, work, and play in infinite ways. Guests can expect the reliability that comes with the familiarity of Citadines hospitality, while collecting enjoyable memories of their stays as they immerse themselves in the different personalities of each and every city where Citadines is present.

Through its brand signature program, activ∞, the Citadines brand consistently curates unique experiences and service offerings that best meet the needs of its guests. Starting in mid-October this year, Citadines properties worldwide will launch a series of short-form videos inviting guests to kickstart city living with the brand.

To learn more about the signature brand experiences available at Citadines properties around the world, please visit: [Insert Link: https://www.discoverasr.com/en/citadines]


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