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26th September 2023

Hilton Manila chefs bag 14 awards at the Philippine Culinary Cup 2023


Hilton Manila recently announced its remarkable achievements from the recently concluded Philippine Culinary Cup 2023, which took place at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The hotel’s culinary team exhibited exceptional skill and dedication, securing an impressive total of 14 awards across a variety of team and individual categories. These accomplishments stand as a true testament to the hotel’s relentless dedication to excellence.

Under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Ryan Hong, Hilton Manila’s accomplished team of chefs showcased their culinary expertise and seamless teamwork, earning gold, silver, and bronze medals in a range of challenging live cooking competitions. Chef Hong expressed his immense pride in his team, stating, “These awards complement the experience, which holds paramount importance. The zeal displayed by my chefs in the competition underscores their eagerness to shine and grow. Their collaborative spirit in refining each other’s creations significantly contributes to our success.”

General Manager John Lucas praised the chefs’ exceptional accomplishments, highlighting, “This year’s accolades mirror our chefs’ resolute determination to not only establish their individual prowess but also to position Hilton Manila as a frontrunner in the country’s culinary landscape. Beyond mere awards, this signifies the drive for innovation and the nurturing of the immense potential within our team. We extend a warm invitation to all to indulge in the remarkable culinary artistry of our chefs—an embodiment of the remarkable talent within our kitchens.”

From August 2nd to 5th, the Hilton Manila chefs demonstrated their unwavering dedication at the Philippine Culinary Cup. The team exhibited their creativity and technical finesse across a diverse range of categories, including the Dream Team Challenge, Filipino Cuisine, U.S. Pork, U.S. Poultry, Creative Breakfast, French Touch (Savory and Pastry), and Plant-Based Diet.

The triumphant chefs include Sheanne Lare Sto. Domingo, Jeremy Dacanay, Jeffery Gutierrez (Gold); Antonio Jose Chua, Gian Paul Climaco, Georgette Cajayon (Silver); Jan Ivy Flores, Margaret Projimo (Silver); Precious Anne O. Cristobal, Adrian Avenido, Eriq Madriaga, Charles Quiamco (Bronze) for their respective group competitions. Additionally, the following chefs received individual awards: Jan Ivy Flores (Gold), Michael Velasquez (Gold), Jhon Edwin Delos Santos Jr. (Silver), Jeremy Dacanay (Silver), Sheanne Lare Sto. Domingo (Bronze), Glenda Romero (Bronze), Precious Ann Cristobal (Bronze), and Georgette Cajayon (Bronze, Bronze).

Hilton Manila’s active participation in the Philippine Culinary Cup reflects its commitment to team growth and excellence. The hotel takes immense pride in its culinary team’s achievements and looks forward to more success, with the passion and camaraderie of its chefs enhancing the exceptional Hilton Manila experience.


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