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5th March 2024

Exploring Sustainable Luxury: A Green Tour of the City of Dreams


City of Dreams Manila’s strong commitment to a sustainable future is gaining more attention than ever. Various stakeholders are recognizing the achievements in sustainable luxury across the 6.2-hectare luxury integrated resort.

With increasing interest in these efforts, the resort recently welcomed its corporate clients, immersing them in the eco-luxury practices seamlessly woven into the property’s hospitality operations.

During a guided afternoon exploration, City of Dreams hosted its corporate clients on a “green tour” to showcase its journey towards becoming a carbon-neutral and zero-waste resort by 2030, in line with its parent company Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s ‘Above and Beyond’ sustainability strategy. The tour included visits to four of the resort’s green facilities: an e-bike charging station for colleagues, solar solutions, a vermicomposting facility, and an herb garden. These initiatives embody the resort’s brand of hospitality service while promoting sustainability.

The e-bike charging station encourages colleagues to use sustainable transportation. Complementing this effort are 3,120 PV solar panels generating 1,600MWh annually, contributing significantly to the property’s decarbonization efforts. As the first integrated resort to embrace this renewable energy resource, the solar solution substantially reduces City of Dreams Manila’s reliance on fossil-fuel-based energy sources.

Guests also visited the vermicomposting facility and herb garden on the parking building’s rooftop. Here, they participated in repotting herbs and learned about how vermicomposting reduces the resort’s food waste. Both facilities operate within a circular and regenerative system. In 2022, the onsite vermicomposting facility composted 145 metric tons of food waste, producing nutrient-rich soil amendment for the gardens. The vermicompost system has yielded over seven metric tons of vermicast and 3,300 liters of vermitea over the year. These fertilizers support the herb garden, yielding approximately 276kg of fresh herbs for the resort’s kitchens.

The tour culminated at Haliya, City of Dreams Manila’s modern Filipino restaurant, where a display showcased the resort’s sustainable food and beverage initiatives. An innovative Filipino merienda featuring fresh rooftop garden herbs was also presented.

Jennylyn Santillan, Director of Sales and Marketing, expressed, “Sustainable Luxury resonates with everyone these days, and through this tour, we wish to share with you our commitment to sustainability. We thank you for this opportunity to show how our resort seamlessly integrates green practices in our guests’ experiences.” Santillan and her team hosted the green tour, aligning with Property President Geoff Andres’ belief that “sustainability and luxury can be woven together.”

These initiatives earned the integrated resort the Finalist spot in Forbes Travel Guide’s inaugural Responsible Hospitality Award 2023, recognizing its exceptional commitment to sustainable practices at the luxury level. Furthermore, City of Dreams’ three FTG-rated hotels received the 2022-2024 ASEAN Green Hotel Award for their contributions to sustainable tourism through environmentally-friendly practices, reduced resource consumption, and local community engagement.


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