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13th April 2024

Shangri-La launches “Find Your Shangri-La” global campaign


Luxury hotel chain Shangri-La has announced the launch of its new global campaign, “Find Your Shangri-La,” aimed at helping guests discover their personal moments of joy within the renowned Asian hospitality experience. The campaign’s centerpiece is a whimsical brand film that showcases Shangri-La’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences through personalized and authentic service.

Shangri-La Chairman Hui Kuok emphasizes the brand’s understanding that each guest has a unique interpretation of “Find Your Shangri-La.” The brand film captures the essence of Shangri-La’s warm and authentic hospitality, showcasing unexpected moments of delight and treating guests to personalized experiences. The film, developed in partnership with GRAMMY® award-winning director Dave Meyers, portrays fanciful characters representing different guest personas who find happiness in various Shangri-La properties.

According to Meyers, Shangri-La is not just a physical place but a state of mind—a magical world to get lost in. The film serves as a platform to explore what “teShangri-La” means to modern travelers.

In addition to the brand film, Shangri-La has curated exclusive “Find Your Shangri-La” menus at selected hotels, offering unique culinary experiences inspired by Chinese and regional Asian cuisines. These menus, available until August 13, 2023, celebrate unexpected flavors and presentations that create moments of joy for diners.

Shangri-La has also crafted a collection of imaginative cocktails and mocktails inspired by the campaign. The three #FindYourShangriLa cocktails, including the Daydreamer, Taste of Eden, and the Sky is the Limit, can be enjoyed alongside the brand film’s theme song, “Over the Rainbow.” Shangri-La Circle members can savor a complimentary #FindYourShangriLa cocktail on Members’ Day, celebrated on the sixth day of each month.

The “Find Your Shangri-La” menus and special drinks are available at select Shangri-La hotels in the Philippines, Singapore, China, Thailand, France, and the United Kingdom. Shangri-La promises more memorable experiences and heartfelt hospitality in the coming months, catering to leisure, family, and business travelers. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting offerings.


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