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22nd February 2024

Discovery Hotels, Cardinal Santos promote safe space for consultation meet up


Discovery Hotels (DHC) in partnership with Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC), today unveils its newest program Safe Care, an avenue that offers access to those seeking to meet with their physicians while minimizing exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

“We have a responsibility to keep our society healthy. We need to resolve this issue immediately for the sake of our clients. We are happy to endorse Discovery as an alternative safe space for our customers and doctors,” says Atty. Pilar Almira, Chief Executive Officer of CSMC. “We are excited about this partnership as we look for an environment for Life and Wellness. This is the space for those who want to stay well.”

The collaboration trail-blazes a service that allows clients to book one to two-hour meetings with their doctors within the safe spaces of Discovery Suites Ortigas, the project’s pilot hotel. The platform invites guests to avail of worry-free, premium care at an accessible cost.

As a first step, Safe Care visitors will coordinate with their Cardinal Santos doctors through the e-consult system and secure confirmation for the meetup. The CSMC system will then inform DHC’s Safe Care team of the schedule. Each guest will be notified and will receive pre-visit requirements. Payment for the appointment will be settled online to minimize in-person contact. Meeting spaces will be thoroughly cleaned after each use following DHC’s Home Safe Program and sanitized with Lysol disinfectant products that protect against the virus that causes COVID-19.

“We are pleased to be a safe space for CSMC. Together, we continue to press on and find solutions for our country to overcome the pitfalls of this pandemic,” says Jose Parreno Jr, Chief Operating Officer of DHC and President of Discovery World Corporation. “At Discovery, we take this statement to heart: it is our business to care. We are honored to share a common mission with CSMC.”

For inquiries, visit www.safecareworld.com.ph.


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