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2nd December 2023

Anna Vergara named General Manager of Sheraton Manila


Anna Vergara will lead the much-awaited Sheraton Manila, a 350-room hotel that is part of the dynamic and exciting mixed-use development of Resorts World Manila, expected to open this October.

Vergara joined Marriott International more than 24 years ago, working her way up the ranks to become Manila Marriott Hotel’s Resident Manager in 2009, before taking on the position of General Manager for the soon to open Sheraton property.

“When I started working in the hospitality industry, I never dreamt of becoming a GM. I started by just working with the aim to be the best that I can be in everything I do. I take my new role as a product of sheer hard work and determination,” Anna shares. “I wanted to grow in my career, but from my experience, the top role in the hotels was traditionally held by foreigners who are male.”

It may be challenging to be married and raising a family while working in a key position in the hospitality industry, but Anna is an outstanding example that career and family can go together. Despite her duties, she is able to make time to be with her family, accompanying them to sporting events and taking on the role of a classic “soccer mom”.

She adds that she is fortunate to be working in an organization that has a big focus on developing women leadership. “I am lucky to be with a company that wants to strengthen that culture and values our contributions. Being a GM of the biggest hotel company in the world, and introducing a new brand in the Philippines, makes me proud and gives you a sense of what this company is all about.”

Anna believes that women can and should reach for their highest potentials and believe in themselves. Having mentors along the way also helps to gain the trust and confidence needed to reach those goals.


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