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1st December 2023

Authentic Kobe beef available in Nobu Manila at City of Dreams



Nobu Manila offers the world-famous, well-marbled texture and unparalleled flavor of authentic Kobe beef as part of Nobu’s new style Japanese-Peruvian dinner menu. Nobu Manila is one of rare few restaurants in the Philippines, which serves Kobe beef with the official certification guaranteeing its authenticity.

An exclusive selection of a la carte dishes highlights top-grade Kobe beef. Guests can have a taste of Kobe beef prepared as the main ingredient in the cold dishes.

An assortment of Kobe beef hot dishes include Toban-yaki: grilled Japanese A5 Kobe beef, caramelized onions, mixed mushrooms, roasted vegetables, yuzu sauce in ceramic roasting dish; Flambe: lightly-seared Japanese A5 Kobe beef on hot stone, flambéed with brandy, served with black pepper teriyaki, butter ponzu and Peruvian anticucho sauces; Ishi-Yaki: sliced raw Japanese A5 Kobe beef, hot stones for cooking, served with truffle teriyaki, wasabi pepper, and Peruvian anticucho sauces; and Ribeye Yakimono: grilled Japanese A5 Kobe beef and roasted vegetables, served with truffle teriyaki, wasabi pepper, and Peruvian anticucho sauces.

Kobe is produced solely in Kobe City, Hyogo prefecture, Japan. Its unmatched luxurious flavor and texture produced through a highly meticulous and arduous process makes it the world’s rarest and most sought-after cattle meat in the world. Kobe beef requires a pure lineage of Tajima-gyu breed cattle born and raised in Hyogo prefecture, which feeds on the local water and grass its entire life. It must be a bull or virgin cow, processed in a Hyogo slaughterhouse and must pass a stringent government grading exam reaching a minimum BMS (beef marble score) of six or higher. To ensure authenticity, the store or restaurant must carry the certification with the ten-digit identification number determining which particular Tajima-gyu cow it came from.


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