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1st December 2023

Hotel for your little toddlers



Millennial travellers are said to be the market today for Tourist revenues and trips. This is associated with barkada trips and sometimes, family trips. One burden we come across most of the time are the infant and toddlers that are accompanied throughout the trip. In line with this, an upscale hotel dedicated to travellers with young children made its way to the Asia Pacific.

This family target generates a significant turnover for the hotelier. However, the latter faces a challenge: finding the right balance so that the family offer does not dissuade other types of clients such as couples or businessmen: Through its dedicated network, The Little Guest Hotels Collection offers hoteliers the opportunity to deliver a targeted message to a privileged clientele.

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Families are always more demanding. Many of them now want to stay in establishments that offer personalized and impeccable services to parents, but also and above all a real programme dedicated to children. The Little Guest Hotels Collection was borne of these two realities: to facilitate the stay of parents and their children and to offer hoteliers the opportunity to welcome families according to the rules of the game


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