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12th July 2024

SNEAK PEEK: Tiger Resorts, Leisure and Entertainment to open a showcase property





A 60m2 deluxe room is already something to raise eyebrows within the hotel sector, but that will be the smallest sized room in the soon-to-be-named hotel within Tiger Resorts, Leisure and Entertainment, Inc. (TRLEI) huge 44-hectare property.


“Out of the 993 rooms that we will open, we will have 500 rooms in this category. We also have more than 300 suites of more than 200m2 space. We have 80 suites that are bigger than 400m2,” revealed TRLEI VP for hotel operations Ingo Raüber,


Raüber further disclosed that the largest accommodation will be the 5 villas occupying the third floor at 1,200m2 to 1,400m2. Royal suites will be at 700m2 to 800m2, and the five presidential suites at 500m2 to 650m2.


With a total investment of USD2 billion, (PhP90 billion), nothing is left for the consumer not to revel at.


The resort’s centerpiece will be its iconic USD30 million dancing water and light fountain show that can rival Dubai’s own. The fountain area stands in a 37,464marea.


“When Las Vegas will have the Bellagio, Singapore will have the Marina Bay, the Philippines will have our fountain. We will start with the laser show in the evening, every 30 minutes will have a twenty minute show, a show with no entrance fee, for all Filipinos to see. This is our gift to the Filipino people,” gushed Raüber.


With a total of four phases within a five-year timeline, Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed within this year and that includes the hotel, casino, fountain area, and the night club and beach club which is  enclosed in a glass dome that is 100 meters in diameter, 30 meters in height, and in glazed glass to maintain coolness.


The company presently engages 6,700 construction workers and 257 people for operations working day and night to ensure that no undue delays will ensue. Raüber expects that 8,000 employee positions will be filled by the time the resort opens. Available positions are posted on jobs.tigerresort.com


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