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1st December 2023

Swiss education opens opportunities for PH hospitality students


Swiss Education Group CEO Florent Rondez

The Swiss Education Group (SEG),  in coordination with the Swiss Embassy Manila, are working together to promote Swiss education opportunities to Filipino students. A presentation by SEG chief executive officer, Florent Rondez, was attended by tourism and hospitality educators from various universities. The talk introduced the Group’s programme at the residence of Swiss Ambassador Andrea Reichlin.

Established in 1992, the Group’s core educational values are based on the excellence of the Swiss hospitality tradition, focusing on the practical aspects of hotel management.

With around 7,000 students per year on seven campuses, SEG is known for being a worldwide ambassador of best practices in Switzerland, bringing many international students and visitors into the regions where the schools operate. SEG is represented in the country by Marco Polo Ortigas Manila general manager Frank Reichenbach, who is Swiss educated himself and knows the value of being globally competitive and obtaining trainings from hospitality experts.


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