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16th April 2024

Pancake House unveils new look


Pancake House’s new design concept pays homage to the brand’s ’70s roots by integrating the complementing colors of fuchsia, brown, blue, and orange in the interior design. The movie posters that customers got used to, however, are not part of the new design. Photo grabbed from Pancake House’s Facebook.


Pancake House has formally unveiled its redesigned logo and restaurant interiors that will be rolled out to 15 existing and 15 new outlets this year. In the forthcoming years, the restaurant will gradually refurbish more than 100 stores across the country.


The move comes a year after Max’s Group, Inc. completed its acquisition of the 40-year old restaurant.


“Pancake House remains a household name with a loyal following. But with the highly competitive market it is facing, we decided we needed to do something to bring it back to the forefront of its dining category. This meant retracing the brand to the heritage that made it one of the country’s favorite dining traditions,” said Jim T. Fuentebella, executive director and chief marketing officer of Max’s Group, Inc.

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From the simple, orange interiors customers have been used to, Pancake House’s new interior design will remind guests of a vacation cabin or a shed. Wooden accents, furniture, and warm lighting have been designed to create a feeling of home.


The brand’s complementing colors — fuchsia, brown, and blue — have found their places in the walls, chairs, counter, and furnishing of each newly designed outlet. This set of colors “shows the spirit of the ’70s” and brings the restaurant “back to the core,” said Fuentebella.


Meanwhile, the brand’s logo now shows a new interpretation of the restaurant’s house symbol to emphasize the concept of home and comfort.

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With the new design comes the departure of the movie posters that customers grew accustomed to. Fuentebella said Pancake House will retain the posters in some “specialty” Pancake House outlets.


Pancake House’s new branches in Lipa and Estancia Mall in Pasig are the first to feature the new design.


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