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22nd April 2024

Raffles Fairmont Makati celebrates International Women’s Month in grand style


In honor of International Women’s Month, Raffles Fairmont Makati proudly unveils a month-long celebration dedicated to women empowerment, spotlighting the inspiring narratives of its distinguished women executives. The hotel’s Executive Committee stands as a formidable force, driving a collective mission to inspire women to dream big and achieve their highest aspirations.

Amidst the glimmering skyline of Makati, Raffles Fairmont Makati acknowledges the invaluable contributions of its women employees, recognizing them as pivotal elements in the hotel’s acclaimed position as a leader in the hospitality industry. These dedicated individuals have played an instrumental role in securing the numerous accolades of Raffles Makati.

“I found that giving opportunities for training, education and development is very effective in empowering and supporting women leaders as it boosts their self confidence. Giving them special projects and tasks also provide them the opportunity to shine.” – Audrey Ada, Hotel Manager

As part of the global luxury brands under Accor, Raffles and Fairmont are steadfastly committed to empowering women leaders. This commitment is realized through initiatives that focus on developing and recognizing women talents on a worldwide scale. The collective efforts of these luxury brands aim to create an environment where women can thrive and excel, paving the way for a future where women’s achievements are celebrated globally.

“In the hospitality industry, cultural competence is crucial for providing exceptional service to guests from various backgrounds. Having diverse leaders who understand individual differences can help create a welcoming environment for all guests, leading to positive reviews and repeat business.”  – Crystal Monzones, Cluster Director of Rooms

To complement the celebration of women empowerment, Mistral, the hotel’s signature roof deck lounge, launches the EmpowHER creative cocktails. Throughout the month of March, guests are invited to indulge in libations inspired by iconic women such as Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Marie Curie, and the Philippines’ very own Whang Od. Each cocktail is a tribute to the strength, resilience, and creativity of these remarkable women.

“Women think differently, they have an eye for details and a drive that it unbeatable – which is a key to any company success. Moving forward, I really believe that flexibility is the key, men and women have different needs and priorities, it is primordial to recognize this and to leave room for both genders to express themselves in order to maximize any leader role productivity, no matter the gender.”Anne-Sophie Hurtaud, Cluster Director of Food & Beverage

The enchanting experience extends beyond the palate, as Mistral welcomes guests to revel in DJ music amidst the outdoor ambiance, offering an inspiring city view as the backdrop. Immerse yourself in the empowering atmosphere and celebrate the achievements of women while savoring these exclusive EmpowHER cocktails, available only for the month of March.

“Excellence has no gender.  Over the years, we have proven our capabilities which are recognized all over the world.  Be brave and conquer the world.  It is also important to choose a partner who understand your drive for success.”  –  Suzette Go, Cluster Director of Revenue Management

Raffles Fairmont Makati extends an invitation to all, inviting guests and patrons to join in the celebration of women’s empowerment throughout the month. From exclusive events to special offerings, the hotel ensures a seamless blend of sophistication and inspiration, embodying the essence of elegance and empowerment.

pastedGraphic.png“As a woman executive in luxury hotels, I believe diversity in leadership fuels innovation and success. To promote gender equality, businesses should adopt transparent hiring, mentorship programs, tailored leadership training,  supportive cultures, and accountability for diversity goals..” – Kimmy Gran-Labayandoy, Cluster Director of Sales and Marketing


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