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Destileria Limtuaco, Karabella Dairy partnership showcases PHL products and ingenuity


A partnership between the oldest distillery in the Philippines and the creativity of a family of modern-day entrepreneurs have created a novel line of gelato flavors for the enjoyment of alcohol-infused gelato lovers. 

Karabella, a dairy company specializing in gelato style desserts made from 100% carabao milk unveiled 5 new flavors featuring the prominent spirits and liquers from the Destileria Limtuaco Philippine Craft Spirits line.

Aaron Limpe-Aw, Executive Vice-President of Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc told the story of how the project came together with Mr. Spanky Enriquez initiating the collaboration of the two companies. He also thanked the people behind Karabella, Jan Buenaflor, her son EJ and their partner Alfred Ng for considering their company.

“It was an easy decision.  Learning how they started as a social enterprise with Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, while now being supplied by the General Trias Dairy Raisers Multi-Purpose Cooperative and the Philippine Carabao Center. This was very 0n-brand with our Philippine Craft Spirits where we try as much as possible to limit our suppliers and work with farmers through cooperatives,” he said.

The melding of flavors from the two companies have resulted in the creation of Chocoholic with Old Captain Rhum, the mango-cashew Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur gelato, Amadeo Coffee Liqeur gelato (with coffee-cacao nibs), Manille Liqueur de Calamansi Gelato (with basil), and Intramuros Liqueur de Cacao  gelato (tablea-chocolate chips).Destileria Limtuaco was established in 1852 and through 5 generations of masterfully blending tradition, has invented, developed and patented numerous formulae and aging processes to the Philippine wine and liquor industry. The company has been awarded various distinctions by various international award-giving bodies and lately  by the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels, Belgium for its Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur, Napoleon VSOP Brandy, Old Captain Rum, and Amadeo Coffee Liqueur.

On the other hand, Karabella Dairy company has reaped recognition themselves using 100% fresh carabao milk alongside the best natural ingredients sourced from social entrepreneurs and local farmers to help them have sustainable incomes. 

Karabella gelato has available flavors like: Tablea Chocolate, Turon with Langka, Salted Egg Caramel. Peanut butter, Ube Halaya, Roasted white and Chocolate cashew, Sorvete de Manga, Leche Flan, Vanilla, Bazooka Bubblegum, Dynamite, Tsa’a Latte, Kopi-Oh, Kesong Puti, Tequila Cream, Salted Caramel Vodka.

The special spirit gelatos are already available in Destileria Limtuaco museum in Intramuros and online. Major supermarkets will start selling these flavors during the fourth quarter of 2022.


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