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30th November 2023

Appliance giant enters the Philippines, mulls booming hospitality industry


The appliance company, mabe, has officially launched its line of products in the Philippines, becoming the first country in Southeast Asia to carry the brand.


The company is behind the production of many GE-labeled appliances. Its own refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, and similar white goods boast the same high quality and features but at a lower cost.


“We are confident more than ever,” says Jane Lo, general manager of mabe International-Asia. “The economy is upbeat and the growth is projected to continue for many years to come. More homes are being built, and a better quality of living is being sought by the market.”

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With the boom of serviced apartments in Metro Manila, the company is also optimistic about the hospitality industry. Franklin Chan, general manager of mabe’s Philippine distributor CYA Industries Inc., says mabe will roll out other products in phases until next year. One of these phases will unveil products catering to the industry, including condominium spaces.


The company began in Mexico in 1946, initially manufacturing kitchen furniture, gas stoves, ovens, and embeddable grill. It became known for their pioneering use of plastic interiors in their refrigerators. In 1987, they entered into a partnership with GE.


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