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24th April 2024

B Healthy: Mindful eats at Café Belmont


Simple yet satisfying… delightful and healthy.  Café Belmont at Belmont Hotel Manila offers a variety of tasteful cuisine to delight the palate, not only to satisfy hotel-quality food cravings, but even more to provide a nourishing, balanced meal.

Belmont Manila is proud to introduce “B Healthy”, a nutritious, low-calorie line of menu options from a variety of salad and dressings to plant-based selections.  

The B Healthy Salad Selection is mindful eating with a calorie count.  These salads may be teamed up with a variety of choice dressings from base of olive oil to yogurt.  Fresh ingredients like greens, herbs, and fresh-catch seafood complete the line up which you can mix and match with our wide range of dressings like Smoked Caesar, Spiced Pimiento, and Vinaigrettes. 

The perfect pairing for these salad options also include immunity-boosting drinks, which are refreshingly concocted greens and fresh fruits.  It features Sweet Sensation, good for lowering blood pressure, the Minty Pear with a Lemon Twist for weight management, Green Smash for healthy digestion, and more.

B Healthy also offers full-course set meals served in a Hotbox.  Each set is composed of low-calorie yet completely satisfying dishes with salads, seafood appetizers, chicken, vegetable pastas, sandwiches and seasoned fruits.   These are perfect weight-conscious individuals who are looking for a healthy, balanced meal options to stay fit.  

The B Healthy line also highlights its plant-based menu. Using choice ingredients from In a Nutshell, producers of handmade dairy-free and cruelty-free Vegan cheeses, B Healthy offers plant-based classic and gourmet cheese made from nuts, to recreate those creamy, tangy, melt-in-your-mouth cheese platter.  With this, one can enjoy varieties of Cranberry Rosemary Chevre, Pepper Jack, Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, and more.  

Capping off the sumptuous variety of B Healthy specialties are Plant-based Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Broiled BBQ Ribs with Chevre Mac ‘n Cheese and Herb Savory, to complete a nutritious full-course meal.  

What’s more, the B Healthy takeout packaging are eco-friendly.  To lessen the use of plastic-made packaging, the Café Belmont is transitioning to paper, cornstarch and sugarcane-made sustainable materials making the B Healthy line not just good for the body, but environmentally-friendly  as well.   

While the pandemic continues to affect everyday life, a healthy approach to food is more important than ever in terms of supporting both our physical and mental wellbeing.  After all, mindful eating matters.  

Belmont Hotel Manila’s B Healthy menu are available for dine in, take out, and delivery.  

For more inquiries, please contact Cafe Belmont at (02) 5318-8887 or email dine@belmontmanila.com.  For more options, you may also find us at Food Panda and Pick-A-Roo app.


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