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1st December 2023

New chefs on the block



HOJIN LEE, Chef de Cuisine – Goryeo Korean Dining
Mastering Oriental cuisine requires a balance between the distinction of flavor and visual refinement. Chef Hojin Lee has managed to create that dynamic relationship within his dishes coming from years of honing his culinary skills in his homeland, Seoul.

As the Chef de Cuisine of Okada Manila’s Goryeo Korean Dining restaurant, Chef Lee brings the same knowledge and expertise that allows diners to indulge in the rich Oriental culinary tradition through an authentic encounter with true Korean cuisine. Born and raised in Jeonju, his primary commitment is to offer diners the type of gastronomy and service that befits only the best. Chef Lee is eager to delight guests with his signature dishes including Korean favorites: Yukhoe (Korean beef tartare), Galbi Jjim (braised short ribs with vegetables), and Samgyeopsal (pork belly with vegetables).

In a culinary career spanning over 18 years, Chef Lee has worked with various reputable organizations across Asia, leading kitchens to continuously evolve and innovate. Prior to his post at Okada Manila, he has served as the head chef of many restaurants including The Riverside Hotel and Park Dae Gam Korean Restaurant in Seoul, Maxims Hotel in Resorts World Manila, and Horumon Yakiniku Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

CHEF RAYMOND YEUNG, Executive Chinese Chef – Li Li , New World Manila Bay Hotel

Chef Raymond Yeung joins the New World Manila Bay Hotel family as the Executive Chinese Chef of Li Li, the Cantonese restaurant.

Hailing from Hong Kong, Chef Raymond’s colourful career spans 27 years in the hospitlaity industry in Asia. Prior to joining New World Manila Bay Hotel, Chef Raymond was the executive chef of Marco Polo Hotel, Oritgas, and previously worked at The Reverie Saigon, often preparing dishes for the Chinese Embassy and the President of Vietnam.

His strong background in Cantonese cuisine made him won  the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic Gold Award in 2009. The chef’s approach to the craft with the application of traditional cooking techniques in modern Cantonese cuisine reflects a style that creates a rich identity for Li Li.

“My passion for my craft helps me express my creative side in the kitchen. Developing new dishes, experimenting with unique flavors, utilizing unconventional ingredients and creating visually stimulating presentations help me bring my own personality into Li Li through the authentic and unique characteristics of each dish,” said Chef Raymond

As the Executive Chinese Chef, Raymond will ensure that the restaurant’s quality and standards are maintained by overseeing the consistent implementation of the the approved menu and training the culinary team in the preparation and presentation of each and every dish.




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