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30th November 2023

ASEAN awards Homestays for the first time


aseanhomestayIn providing an opportunity to promote ASEAN Homestay and understanding of the basic requirements of a quality visitor experience, and to establish a minimum standard across all ASEAN member states, the first ASEAN Homestay award ceremony was convened during the ASEAN Tourism Forum meeting on 22 January 2016 in Manila. In this ceremony, the Ministers awarded 31 Homestay Standard certificates to homestay organizations and providers that will enhance local quality of life to generate income, support local culture, arts and crafts business, encourage restoration of local and historic sites, and foster nature conservation efforts through community education.

There are 5 winners from the Philippines, all coming from Siquijor Island, namely: Agan’s Homestay, Ates Homestay, Estelita Homestay, Xylla’s Homestay, and Daval / Omandam Homestay.

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The other awardees come from Brunei with 2 awardees, Cambodia with 5, Indonesia with 5, Lao PDR with 1, Malaysia with 5, Thailand with 5, and Vietnam with 3.

The proposed validity period for the ASEAN Homestay Standard is 3 years. Certified homestays will be reassessed every 3 years to renew their certificates. This will enable the government tourism organization to update  and monitor the performance of certified homestays to ensure that they maintain their quality and standard as ASEAN Standard Homestays.


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